Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm completely incapable of managing this new blog. I visit other people's sites and can't leave comments. This site doesn't seem very user friendly. What's up with that? Or maybe I'm just retarted (it's possible).

I went for my suppression check this morning. My doctor said he thought everything looked like it was in order, but I had to wait for word from my nurse at the other clinic. I also got my blood drawn. As used to needles as I am, I still can't look when they do it. I get a lump in my stomach when I try--and I feel kind of woozy. Isn't that so silly? And by the way, you're supposed to be able to give yourself the lupron injections that I'm taking, and every night I still have my husband do it. Ha! Such a chicken. How do I expect to get through a pregnancy and labor? By the grace of God...

Anyway, my nurse did call. My estradiol level needed to be below 150, and it was 31. She actually used the word "perfect!" I couldn't believe something was actually going WELL. Yay! Even though it's taken ages to actually get to this point, it seems like things are falling into place really well. That encourages me about the final outcome. I'm so hopeful!

I start my Estrace (estrogen) on Halloween. Next step, here I come.

7 shots down. I can't belive time is marching forward so quickly. Transfer will be here before I know it. Wow!

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